a German StuG III unit looks across the river valley ... over Buznea at  Soviet  T-34/85s ...



The Tank Leader series of board war games - Eastern Front Tank Leader, Western Front Tank Leader and Desert Steel - was published by West End Games, Inc. between 1986 and 1989. These 3 highly-regarded games simulate WWII combat at platoon/company level on a scale of 150 meters per hex. The games share a common rules system and feature variable-terrain, hypothetical maps and a strong emphasis on C3 and historical tactical doctrine.

The CyberBoard gamebox presented here will enable PBEM play, with a few rules modifications. A Modular Terrain System enables you to set up randomly-configured terrain for any EFTL scenario.


Eastern Front T L map fragment click to view EFTL map at half scale click to view WFTL map at half scale click to view Desert Steel map at half scale