3rd Edition!

Outlaws is a quick play game of gunfights and adventure set in the Old West of 1865 - 1890 and released in print & play format by David Murray. It is skirmish wargaming on a man-to-man scale at a moderate complexity level. Outlaws includes single scenarios (Shootouts) and linked campaigns (Adventures) for 2 or more players. Both use the same core set of rules and a variety of pre-defined Major & Minor Characters. An Action Point system regulates everything a Character can do in the game and the time it takes to do it. Characters are armed with handguns, rifles, shotguns, knives and whatever objects are close at hand. Gunfights and brawls take place on a set of geomorphic maps. The game includes a sophisticated Line of Sight system and rules for brawling, wound effects, horses, and more.


 Outlaws - the Action Point system

 Line of Sight

 Field of View

 Outlaws box cover

 a Major Character