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Grand Prix-cision Racing

Motor Racing Strategy for the PC

Grand Prix-cision Racing is a turn-based game of motor racing strategy written for the PC by Robert Latorre and made available here with his permission. It runs under Win98/ME/XP/Vista/7/10. Robert no longer supports the game and I don't have the source code so I am making GPR available "as is".

Each turn, you choose a speed for your car from those available according to the acceleration, deceleration and maximum speeds in your car's specifications (which you can select before the race). Corners can be taken faster if you are on the racing line. If you exceed a corner's rated speed, you use Wear points and may be forced to "roll" on the Chance Table, which might result in a spin or a crash.

Each car may be under the control of a player (that would be you) or the AI, which is pretty decent. Pit stops and weather can play a role. Entire F1 seasons can be raced; the program keeps track of driver and team stats.


- if you are not running Windows XP, set the Compatibility Mode to Windows XP (and the game will run in Windows 10)

- if the game will not run, try installing this:

VB6 Extended Runtime

- GPR can be run in an emulator like VMware Player with WinXP as the guest OS

Monaco, 2003
Spa Francorchamps, 1966


  • GPR 2007 program - the latest version of GPR. Be sure to check the ReadMe file for installation instructions. No activation code is needed.
  • Golden Age of Formula 1 - cars, tracks & drivers of the 1960s
  • 15 Degree Angle Pieces- useful for making more realistic looking tracks; unzip into the \Track Builder\Track Pieces sub-folder


STATS F1: the best of the Formula 1 sites (French language)