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If you want to play Cry Havoc, Siege and Outremer/Croisades by email using CyberBoard, this site is for you! Cry Havoc, Siege and Outremer/Croisades are board wargames on a man to man scale set in the medieval era. The 3 games use a common set of rules. They are admired for their playability, color and superior art work. The games were first published in England in the 1980s by Standard Games and Publications and republished in the 1990s by Rexton Games (now Eurogames) with revised rules in French. Croisades is the French version of Outremer, with revised rules. Unfortunately, the games are now out of print and not supported by any publisher. Audrey escapes
assault on the curtain wall CyberBoard is a high quality shareware program by Dale Larson which uses specially constructed "gameboxes" to allow you to play any board game by email. Follow the links here to downloadable zip files containing everything you need to construct and play scenarios. The map sheets can be joined together in CB to play the larger scenarios. A ReadMe file describes a step by step procedure for creating a scenario.
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