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markers menu a single piece oriented to the hex grid a second piece is placed
All of the pieces of "a castle under construction" posted on The Fan by Buxeria have been collected in a CyberBoard ver. 3 gamebox. They are grouped by type and accessible from a drop-down list. You click on a piece to select it, then drag it onto the "map" and align it with the hex grid (which can be turned on and off). Then click and drag another piece and align it with the first. You can build a large castle quickly.
the right-click popup menu the half-scale image the full castle at 1/4 scale
Right-click to bring up a menu with several useful commands. Any piece can be placed on top of other pieces ("Move to Front") or under other pieces ("Move to Back"). A piece can be rotated to any angle. All pieces can be locked into place (& unlocked again) to prevent being moved accidentally. You can display the image at half-scale ...

left-click to see full-size castle
or at 1/4 scale on a Jump Map. Once the castle is finished, you can store it as a bitmap on your hard drive. I built the castle shown above in about 1 hour (click on the image to display the full castle). At present, the Castle Construction Kit is only a prototype. It needs a complete set of images of the various parts of a fully built castle, together with trees, bushes, rocks& clear ground, etc. Counters can also be added to the gamebox for PBEM play.

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